Dennis Schroder is back in the NBA

Published September 17, 2022 at 12h39
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Schroder is signing a one-year, $2.64 million deal to return to the Lakers, sources said.

Schroder performed as a level never seen before in the last weeks at the FIBA Euro Basket tournament.

After his performance, all the GMs were probably looking at the 28 years pg.

Dennis is our main leader. He is the main cog in our game - both offensively and defensively. Dennis has become more experienced over the years, and you can tell that in this tournament how he has played. How he remains under control - to attack in the right moment, to take over in the right moment, to make plays on defense in the right moment. He does that so well.

said Maodo Lo, who has flourished playing as Germany's second primary ball-handler and also lining up alongside him in many moments.

Dennis is one of the best point guards in Europe, around the world. You can see that in this tournament. He leads us to wins. It's fun to play with him. Basketball Germany can really be happy to have Dennis Schroder.

Everyone remember how the Los Angeles Lakers offered Schroder a four-year contract extension worth up to $84 million, the most they could legally pay him. Schroder rejected that offer hoping that a strong playoff run on a championship contender could help make him even more on the open market. The move backfired. Schroder was held scoreless in Game 5 of the first round against the Phoenix Suns, a series the Lakers eventually lost. He ultimately couldn't find a suitable long-term deal, so he had to take the taxpayer mid-level exception from the Boston Celtics. He is now back with the Lakers with much less money in hope to be a valuable player again.