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Wembanyama excited to play with Trae Young?

Published May 13, 2024 at 12:19

The San Antonio Spurs are gearing up for a bold offseason move, and the rumor mill is buzzing: They're eyeing Trae Young to pair with the towering Victor Wembanyama. Sure, Wembanyama seems "intrigued" by the idea, but here's the real question—are we setting up for a basketball revolution or a spectacular flop?

"I will say I've talked to people who know Wemby who have indicated he is at least intrigued by that idea," said Tim MacMahon on The Hoop Collective podcast. "Now, intrigued by that idea and pounding the table are two very different things. I have no idea whether Gregg Popovich would be intrigued by the idea."

"He's not classically a Popovich player, Trae Young," said Brian Windhorst.

On paper, it sounds like a dream team. Young brings that electric offensive spark, while Wembanyama is a defensive fortress. But let's not get carried away. Integrating Young's high-volume shooting with Wembanyama's paint dominance? It's a gamble. And Young's defensive lapses? They could leave Wembanyama cleaning up more messes than a janitor.

The Spurs have the assets—two lottery picks this year, plus control over Atlanta's future picks. It's a hefty price. Could it pay off? Maybe. But it's risky. We're talking about trading potential future stars for one established star whose fit is, at best, a question mark.

So, Spurs fans, buckle up. This could either be the move that rockets us back into contention or the one that has us scratching our heads for years. San Antonio isn't just rolling the dice; they're playing high-stakes poker. And honestly? I'm not sure all in is the way to go here.

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Wembanyama excited to play with Trae Young?

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