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Alarming news shakes Mitchell and the Cavs

Published May 13, 2024 at 10:31

Game 4 is coming in hot, and oh boy, the Cleveland Cavs are teetering on the brink. Donovan Mitchell, the Cavaliers' linchpin and scoring juggernaut, is wrapped up in drama with a troublesome left calf strain. The man was limping visibly in the fourth quarter of Game 3 after delivering a powerhouse performance of 33 points in 43 minutes. Now, with the Cavs trailing 2-1 in the series against the Boston Celtics, his uncertain status is nothing short of a crisis.

Mitchell's been the pulse of the Cavs this postseason, boasting a hefty average of 29.6 points per game. His six straight games scoring 25+ points is a spectacle only previously seen from Cavs royalty like LeBron James. Missing him would be like losing the heart of their offense at a time they can least afford it.

But wait, there's more on Cleveland's plate. Jarrett Allen, their starting center, is also on the bench with a bruised rib that's benched him since the first round against Orlando. The timing? Absolutely brutal.

With the series potentially slipping through their fingers and two critical pieces possibly out of the lineup, Monday's game is set to be an all-out war. The Cavs are backed into a corner, facing a test of resilience and depth that could either make or break their playoff dreams. This isn't just a game; it's a high-stakes drama where every play, every decision is magnified. Can the Cavs summon the grit to overturn the odds? This game could be legendary or a total heartbreaker. Stay tuned, because this is where heroes are made.

Source ESPN: Cavaliers' Donovan Mitchell (calf) questionable for Game 4
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Alarming news shakes Mitchell and the Cavs

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