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This team lands No. 1 draft pick with just 3% odds

Published May 12, 2024 at 3:59 PM

The Atlanta Hawks hit the jackpot in Sunday's NBA Draft Lottery, securing the No. 1 pick for the 2024 draft. This remarkable stroke of luck marks the first time the Hawks have won the lottery, snagging their first top overall pick since they chose David Thompson back in 1975. Represented by GM Landry Fields, the Hawks, who only had a slim 3% chance, left teams with much higher odds in the dust.

Here's the full list:

This year's draft lacks a consensus top pick, a stark contrast to last year when Victor Wembanyama dominated the headlines. Now, the focus shifts to a pool of talent that could address various needs for teams looking to rebuild or retool. The Detroit Pistons and the Washington Wizards, despite having the highest odds at 14%, will follow the Hawks in the draft order, picking second and third respectively.

The draft lineup for the top 14 spots is now set, with teams like the Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, and Charlotte Hornets all in the mix, each looking to snag a potential game-changer that could reshape their franchises.

Among the standout prospects are French players Alex Sarr and Zaccharie Risacher, who are touted to be the top two picks. The anticipation builds as teams and fans alike speculate on how these talents will align with the strategic directions of the drafting teams. This unexpected lottery outcome has certainly stirred up excitement and set the stage for a draft that could be as unpredictable as the lottery itself.

Source Yahoo Sports: NBA Draft Lottery: Hawks get No. 1 pick, despite 3 percent chance of winning
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This team lands No. 1 draft pick with just 3% odds

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