Record breaker Manu Ginobili does it again

Published July 30, 2022 at 11:52 PM

On top of being a hard Knox giddy type of player, with post moves and talent, but seems to know how to control the spot light on him. Ginobili was acknowledged as the most winningest player in NBA history, with a win percentage of 72.1%. Bravo to him, That is a high accomplishment.

You can bet that will garner him some attention to be selected as a 1st or 2nd ballot Hall Of Fame.

July 30   |   41 answers
Record breaker Manu Ginobili does it again

Will Manu Ginobili get selected in the 1 or 2 ballot HOF?

Yes1639 %
Maybe1331.7 %
Not really1229.3 %
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