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Brooklyn Nets coach highlights Nic Claxton retention as a priority

Published April 25, 2024 at 11:55

Brooklyn Nets' new head coach, Jordi Fernandez, wasted no time expressing his stance on the team's roster, particularly emphasizing the importance of retaining unrestricted free agent center Nic Claxton. Fernandez labeled Claxton as a "priority" for the team in free agency, highlighting his crucial role in maintaining Brooklyn's competitiveness for the upcoming season.

"Nic is a quote-unquote big that has defensive versatility," Fernandez said at his introductory news conference at the team's practice facility overlooking New York Harbor on Wednesday morning. "I believe he'll be Defensive Player of the Year. For us, he's a priority in this summer, and the way we can play through him -- obviously he's great in pick-and-roll, he's quick to the rim, he puts pressure on the rim -- but also his ability to play the dribble-handoff game which, as you guys know, lately in the NBA is a style that is very efficient. [...] When everybody touches the ball and everybody's involved, everybody's happier. You're harder to guard because there's more ... you're not that predictable to just play pick-and-roll. So he fits perfectly what we want to do moving forward."

Claxton's contributions have been significant, as evidenced by his impressive stats in the previous season, where he averaged 11.8 points, 9.9 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 2.1 blocks per game across 71 matchups. Renowned for his defensive prowess, Claxton has emerged as one of the league's top defenders, adding immense value to the Nets' lineup. As Claxton enters free agency, the 25-year-old is expected to command a substantial contract, surpassing his previous two-year, $16 million deal, given his consistent performance and contributions to the team's success.

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Brooklyn Nets coach highlights Nic Claxton retention as a priority

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