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Bulls Reveals Why it's Hard to Trade Zach LaVine

Published January 15, 2024 at 9:00

The Chicago Bulls are making waves, securing four wins in their last five games, and there's a crucial development in the spotlight. Zach LaVine's return to the lineup is shaping up to be a game-changer, but not without potential issues.

LaVine's Offensive Impact

Since his return, LaVine's scoring has seen a dip, averaging 16.8 points on 11.4 attempts per game, compared to his pre-injury stats of 21.0 points on 16.6 attempts. The Bulls' net rating also shifted from minus-7.1 with LaVine to plus-1.2 during his absence.

Billy Donovan's Tactical Shift

Coach Billy Donovan is tweaking LaVine's role, emphasizing the need for more offense in transition. This adjustment involves LaVine sprinting the floor and adapting to catch-and-shoot situations, a departure from the pick-and-roll scenarios.

LaVine's pick-and-roll frequency is down to 32.8% this season, while his transition opportunities have increased to 21.6%. However, his catch-and-shoot efficiency has dropped to 32.7%, showcasing a need for improvement in this facet of his game.

Disconnect Between LaVine and Donovan

This shift in LaVine's role highlights a broader disconnect between the star player and Coach Donovan. The tension dates back to last season, with clashes over LaVine's role and playing time. The unresolved nature of this dynamic adds an intriguing layer to the Bulls' narrative.

Trade Rumors and Market Challenges

Despite signing a significant contract, LaVine remains a subject of trade rumors. The market, however, has proven challenging. Sources suggest the Bulls might need to sweeten the deal to move LaVine, considering the high asking price, hefty contract, and lingering injury concerns.

As the Bulls navigate trade possibilities, the tension between LaVine and Donovan adds uncertainty to the team's second half of the season.
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Bulls Reveals Why it's Hard to Trade Zach LaVine

What Role Should Zach LaVine Play in the Bulls' Offense?

Primary Scorer733.3 %
Playmaker628.6 %
Balanced Role838.1 %
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