Kyrie Irving reveals where he really wanted to play basketball and it's not the Mavs

Published August 22, 2023 at 12:03

Kyrie Irving's Surprise Australian Connection

Just when things seemed quiet regarding Kyrie Irving's unpredictable moves, he delivered another unexpected revelation. Before his spotlight in the U.S. grew too intense, he considered playing for Australia over the U.S.

Kyrie's Australian Ambitions: A Glimpse

Fear not, Mavericks' fans: Kyrie isn't planning to play professionally in Australia anytime soon. However, he did once strongly contemplate representing the Australian National Basketball Team instead of Team USA.

The Unknown Australian Roots of an NBA Star

While many associate Kyrie with styles reminiscent of New York or Chicago playgrounds, the six-time NBA all-star was actually born in Australia. This was shortly after his father, Drederick Irving, relocated there to play basketball following a successful period at Boston University.

Melbourne-Born and Bred

Kyrie, a Melbourne native, spent a significant portion of his childhood in Australia. His father played for the SEABL and later, Brett Brown, the American coach then leading the Australian National Team, eyed young Kyrie. Brown presented an enticing offer: the chance for teenage Kyrie to represent Australia in potentially two to three Olympic Games, without the intense competition of securing a spot against NBA legends in the U.S. team.

Potential Australian Legacy: Kyrie Irving

Had Kyrie chosen to play for the Australian National Basketball Team, might he have overshadowed greats like Andrew Bogut and Ben Simmons as the best player from down under?

Australia's Basketball Future with Kyrie?

What if Kyrie renews his Australian passport now? Could his addition elevate the Australian National Team to an undisputed international powerhouse?
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Kyrie Irving reveals where he really wanted to play basketball and it's not the Mavs

Would Kyrie Irving playing for the Australian National Basketball Team make the country a legitimate threat on the International stage?

Yes, they would be dangerous00 %
Maybe, it would make them more competitive1100 %
No, Australia needs much more00 %
Only if Ben Simmons rejuvenates00 %
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