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Draymond Green Loses Huge Amount in NBA Fines

Published January 8, 2024 at 11:18

Draymond Green is no stranger to fines and suspensions due to his on-court antics. However, this season has showcased his worst behavior yet, involving multiple violent incidents that led to a 12-game suspension for Green. The shocking cost of Green's fines has been revealed since his return to the team last night.

Greens Antics This Season

Green's most prominent trait as a team member is his undeniable passion for the game of basketball. This passion manifests both vocally and physically every time he steps onto the court, contributing significantly to his role as a great on-court leader and competitor. However, on the flip side, his emotions occasionally obstruct his career progress due to numerous physical altercations. Instances like kicking Steven Adams in the groin or punching former teammate Jordan Poole during a training session stand out among these incidents.

This season, his behavior has escalated, marked by a career-high of three ejections, a worrying trend considering we are less than halfway through the season. The severity of his recent incidents, such as choking out Rudy Gobert and stomping on Domantas Sabonis' chest, has led to significant consequences. As a result, the NBA suspended Green indefinitely until he fulfills certain requirements, including attending behavioral therapy to manage and control his anger.

Green's Fines Revealed

After meeting all of his required obligations, Green has returned to the Golden State Warriors after serving what turned out to be a 12-game suspension. As his fines accumulated for each missed game, the final total of fines incurred during his suspension was revealed to be $1,847,291.

Ironically, the massive sum Green lost actually benefited the Warriors franchise financially, as his fines were deducted from his salary, ultimately lowering the overall luxury tax they are paying by almost $10 million. However, I wouldn't count on any further tax decreases. Even though he has returned, Green is still expected to continue his counseling throughout the season as he hopes to resolve any anger issues he has.

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Draymond Green Loses Huge Amount in NBA Fines

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