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Reggie Miller releases a major statement regarding Tyrese Haliburton

Published February 17, 2024 at 4:53 PM

Reggie Miller's steadfast belief in Tyrese Haliburton's capability to steer the Indiana Pacers to a championship underscores the young point guard's remarkable talent and leadership prowess. As a Pacers icon and Hall of Famer, Miller asserts that Haliburton has the requisite qualities to propel the team to unprecedented success and reclaim a championship for Indiana.

"I really do believe that he can carry this team to a championship. We are witnessing a superstar in the making. He brings people together."

Haliburton's rise to prominence within the Pacers' roster has been extraordinary. At just 23 years old, he's making significant strides in the league, securing a starting spot in the All-Star Game and earning accolades from basketball luminaries like Miller.

His accomplishments are well-deserved, considering he's averaging 21.8 points and a league-leading 11.7 assists while shooting 49.2% from the field and 40.0% from beyond the arc. With the team boasting the second-best offensive rating in the league, Haliburton's impact is undeniable. He holds the league's best offensive rating at 124.5 and has propelled the Pacers to the sixth-best record at 31-25.

To Pacers supporters, Miller's steadfast optimism offers a guiding light toward future triumphs and aspirations of championship glory.

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Reggie Miller releases a major statement regarding Tyrese Haliburton

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