ESPN Host Accuses LeBron of Trying to Get Her Fired

Published September 1, 2023 at 2:28 PM

Former SportsNation and NBA Countdown host Michelle Beadle has accused LeBron James of attempting to have her fired from ESPN. Beadle had two separate stints at ESPN, with the first lasting from 2009 until 2012. She then left for a two-year period during which she worked at NBC before returning to ESPN in 2014 for another five years.

During an interview with Renee Pacquette on The Sessions podcast, Beadle revealed that some of her comments on ESPN's broadcasts were negatively received by NBA superstar LeBron James. He allegedly called her out for being "mean" before ultimately trying to have her removed from her position on national TV.

I made fun of The Decision, and I was one of about a bazillion people that did. This was a long time ago, I guess when I followed him, and I got a DM that was, ‘Why are you so mean to me on television?' And I just sort of laughed it off, I didn't even think about it. Of course I took it personally, it was personal, he wanted me fired, he tried to do that.

LeBron has been the biggest superstar in the sport of basketball since he joined the NBA in 2003. Throughout that time, he has obviously been a topic of discussion for many sports networks and media personalities. Although James has never publicly spoken out against any particular members of the media or even acknowledged hearing what they say, "The King" has been rumored to have taken issue with journalists before. Most notably, Skip Bayless of FOX Sports. This sentiment was echoed by Michelle Beadle, who claimed that LeBron James had privately confronted many members of the media and called him "petty."

"But then I found out after the fact, when all of this sort of came out, I would get messages or texts or videos from people being like, that kind of s*** was happening to them too. He was super petty and he would try to have some sort of an effect, whether it would be small or whatever, just an effect."

In a different interview, this time on the "House of Strauss Podcast," Beadle admitted that, despite his attempts, LeBron was unable to get her removed and claimed that he still doesn't like her. Beadle was eventually removed from ESPN in 2019 but places blame on negative relationships among colleagues within ESPN rather than James getting his way.

I think he had a person at the network that he wanted to be the host of it. He does not like me, and I honestly have stopped trying to figure out why. For some reason, it goes back years.

"What I do care about is how my bosses respond, because that really at the end of the day is where any loyalty should have been. It is what it is. He didn't get me fired, so I do take solace in that. And the person he wanted didn't get the job, so at the end of the day, we all win."

You can watch the full clip of Michelle Beadle talking on the The Sessions Podcast below:

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ESPN Host Accuses LeBron of Trying to Get Her Fired

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