John Stockton Believes Lebron James Should Stay Clear of Team Management Decisions

Published August 25, 2023 at 9:59

Considered one of the most unselfish, but efficient point guards of his time, John Stockton, formerly of the Utah Jazz, was never one to voice his opinion on team management matters. Respected as a consistent, game to game assist collector, John Stockton's blue collar approach to basketball earned him a place on the first Dream Team Squad, even above contemporary Isaiah Thomas. However, in his retirement, John Stockton has come out of his shell to comment on recent movements in the NBA, more specifically, how stars, like Lebron James, are influencing the management decisions of their respective teams.

Should Star Players Have a Say About Team Decisions

Most recently, during an appearance on the DNP-CD podcast, John Stockton voiced his opinion on how Lebron James oversteps his playing position as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers. According to John Stockton, allowing a player, especially one of Lebron's star calibre, influence team management decisions, is unhealthy for any organization.

It'd be maddening as a teammate to know that you can be expendable for one of his guys that he thinks he needs to play with explained Stockton.

However, is Hall of Famer Stockton really pointing to what is becoming quite the epidemic in NBA circles - star player power? More recently, and more frequently in this era than in Stockton's career time, player movement is almost fluid and more often than not prompted by the player, rather than general management. Furthermore, the emergence of players wishing to join organizations for the purpose of creating super teams and earning rings, has become rampant.

Should Players Just Play Ball?

John Stockton may be making a valid point in this player-management debate. How is camaraderie amongst players possible if trust is fragile, both on and off the court?

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John Stockton Believes Lebron James Should Stay Clear of Team Management Decisions

Do Star Players in the NBA have too much power?

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