LeBron James: What He Must Do to Surpass Michael Jordan as the GOAT

Published March 10, 2023 at 6:52

LeBron James has proven himself to be one of the most talented basketball players in the world for two decades. He recently broke the all-time scoring record, passing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in his 20th NBA season. This achievement has thrown him into the conversation for the greatest basketball player of all time, commonly known as the GOAT. However, while LeBron has accomplished much, he still has some work to do to surpass Michael Jordan, who is widely regarded as the best basketball player ever. Here are the things LeBron James must do to become the undisputed GOAT.

Win Another Scoring Title

LeBron James may be the all-time leading scorer in NBA history, but he still has only won one scoring title. Michael Jordan won an impressive 10 scoring titles during his career, and this has helped solidify his status as the best scorer ever. To surpass Jordan in this category, James needs to win at least one more scoring title. This will prove that he broke the all-time scoring record not just due to longevity but also due to his dominance on the court.

Win Another MVP Award

Michael Jordan won five MVP awards during his career, one more than LeBron James. For James to have a chance at surpassing Jordan, he must even the field in one of the three most important individual categories. Winning one more MVP award will give him five, the same number as Jordan, and help him make a strong case for being the GOAT.

Win Two More NBA Championships

Michael Jordan won six NBA championships, which is an impressive feat. LeBron James has won four championships with a 4-6 Finals record, but he needs to win two more championships to match Jordan's number of titles. This is a fair and reasonable expectation for the player who has shattered the all-time scoring record.

Win Two More Finals MVPs

Jordan won six Finals MVPs to go along with his six NBA titles, and for LeBron to surpass him, he must capture both Finals MVP awards. Winning both Finals MVPs will give him a strong chance to become the undisputed GOAT, especially if he accomplishes this after winning two more NBA championships.

In conclusion, LeBron James has a chance to become the GOAT of basketball if he achieves the goals mentioned above. Jordan is still considered the best player ever due to his accomplishments, but James has a chance to surpass him if he continues to play at a high level and accomplishes these goals. Winning another scoring title, MVP award, and two more NBA championships and Finals MVPs will help James make a strong case for being the greatest basketball player of all time.

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LeBron James: What He Must Do to Surpass Michael Jordan as the GOAT

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