Lebron James Business Partner Disrespects Curry

Published September 6, 2023 at 2:13 PM

Maverick Carter is a name that may sound familiar to many NBA fans, as he was a teammate of LeBron's at their high school, St. Vincent-St. Mary. He has since partnered with LeBron on many business ventures, including companies SpringHill Entertainment and LRMR.

Comments made by Carter about LeBron's Finals rival, Steph Curry, in 2021 have recently resurfaced. In these comments, he disrespects Curry's defensive ability and claims to be able to score on him with ease. These comments have resurfaced due to the ongoing debate about the best point guard of all time, with comparisons between Magic Johnson and Curry. Even NBA legends such as Michael Jordan and John Stockton have weighed in on the matter.

In the resurfaced interview, Maverick claims that despite not playing basketball since college, he would still be able to score against Curry and that he would give him "trouble." Even though Carter did play basketball in college, the NBA is a different level. It is arguably the hardest league to get into for any sport. To make such a claim against not just any NBA player but a former two-time Most Valuable Player, including the first-ever Unanimous MVP winner, is quite bold.

"Steph can't guardI am 38 and haven't played a decent game of basketball in probably 18 years, since I was 20. Steph would have trouble guarding me.»

Curry did respond back when the comments were initially made but called it just "Noise" and said he is so secure in himself and what he does on the court.

You can watch the full clip of Mavericks comments as well as Curry's response below:

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Lebron James Business Partner Disrespects Curry

If Curry Guarded Maverick carter 1v1 For 5 Possessions How many of Them Would Carter Score in?

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