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Reasons why Darvin Ham will likely be fired from the Lakers

Published May 3, 2024 at 10:23
Kevin Barreau
May 3, 2024  (10:23)

Man, Lakers fans must be biting their nails! The scene's set: the Lakers, led by Darvin Ham, just couldn't clutch it out against the Nuggets, and now the rumor mill is spinning out of control. Word on the street is that Ham's days at the helm might be numbered. It all started to unravel during a pivotal Game 2 moment. LeBron James got hit with a controversial foul call on Jamal Murray, who then nailed the free throws, swinging the momentum. Denver snatched the game at the buzzer, crushing any hopes of a Lakers comeback.

Despite leading most of the series, the Lakers crumbled in Game 5, losing 108-106, and wrapping up the series 4-1 to the Nuggets. Ham's refusal to challenge the call in Game 2 was a head-scratcher. They had two timeouts left! Even if they lost the challenge, at least it would've given the tired squad a breather. But nope, Ham stood still, and the chance to turn the tables just slipped away.

Ham's stubbornness was on full display all season. He kept miscasting players in roles that just didn't fit—like insisting on Taurean Prince as a starter, which had fans pulling their hair out. And when D'Angelo Russell struggled, he felt overshadowed by Dennis Schroder, another Ham favorite from his Atlanta days.

Now, with whispers of Ham possibly being out, it begs the question: Can a new coach steer this ship right? The Lakers need more than just a band-aid. They need a solid strategy, especially with LeBron cruising into his age-40 season. Maybe it's time for a fresh face on the sideline, someone who can clean up these messes and maybe, just maybe, get the Lakers back on track for another title run.

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Reasons why Darvin Ham will likely be fired from the Lakers

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