Jimmy Butler Brutally Insults Fan

Published August 30, 2023 at 9:51

With modern-day technology and social media, fans can interact with professional athletes almost on a daily basis. This interaction can sometimes be positive, but other times it can take a negative turn, as one fan discovered when they decided to call out Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler. The fan cheekily challenged the All-Star to a one-on-one basketball game and without hesitation Butler roasted the fan immediately

«I Know you don't make enough money to play me 1 on 1»

The fan then admitted, "I'm broke right now," and asked if he could just work out with Butler. In response, Butler sharply declined, stating that a one-on-one match is personal. However, he displayed a willingness to play under the condition that there was a financial stake involved.

"1 on 1 is personal. How much money you got?»

Butler is known for his tough attitude and trash talk so a response like this is to be expected from him. You can see the full clip below:

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Jimmy Butler Brutally Insults Fan

How Would You Fare in a 1v1 Against Jimmy Butler?

I'd Lose 11-01225.5 %
I'd Get Destroyed Overall But Score once or Twice1123.4 %
I'd Lose in an Even Game1225.5 %
I'd Win1225.5 %
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