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It's official for Rudy Gobert

Published May 11, 2024 at 2:06 PM
Kevin Barreau
May 11, 2024  (2:06 PM)

Rudy Gobert is gearing up for a big comeback to the Minnesota Timberwolves lineup for Game 3 against the Denver Nuggets. After missing Game 2 for the best reason—welcoming his newborn son—the Defensive Player of the Year is not listed on the injury report and is all set to play.

Gobert's absence was felt, but surprisingly, the Timberwolves didn't skip a beat. They locked down the Nuggets 106-80 in Game 2, taking a commanding 2-0 series lead, all without their defensive cornerstone. This win wasn't just another playoff victory; it was a statement—Minnesota can defend deep and effectively even without their star center. Back at the Target Center, where the Timberwolves have been formidable all season, the return of Gobert could be the knockout punch Denver isn't ready for.

The stakes are high for Gobert, brought in specifically to bolster the Wolves' playoff prospects, especially against teams like the Nuggets. Minnesota traded a king's ransom to get him, betting big on his defensive prowess to tilt playoff games just like these. Now, with the series shifting back home, it's time for Gobert to justify that hefty price tag.

Gobert's decision to prioritize family over playoff basketball is commendable and should be celebrated. Despite potential criticisms, being present for life's significant moments—like the birth of a child—should never be undervalued. Studies have consistently shown the long-term benefits of fatherly presence from birth, emphasizing better emotional and academic outcomes for children.

As the Timberwolves continue their playoff journey, strengthened by a deeper purpose and now bolstered by Gobert's return, they're not just playing for a win; they're playing enriched by the very values that define us at our best. Let's see how this added motivation plays out in Game 3 as they aim to keep their flawless playoff record intact.

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It's official for Rudy Gobert

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