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The NBA cancelled Anthony Edwards technical foul after review

Published May 6, 2024 at 10:26

In a rare move that has NBA fans buzzing, the league office has rescinded the technical foul slapped on Anthony Edwards during the third quarter of Saturday's Game 1 victory over the Denver Nuggets. The scene unfolded as Edwards drove to the hoop, scored a layup, and then gave Nuggets guard Reggie Jackson a bit of a stare. Referee Courtney Kirkland was quick to whistle him for a technical, sparking immediate controversy.

The call left Edwards visibly shocked, and he wasn't the only one—NBA legends Jamal Crawford and Reggie Miller, commentating on the TNT broadcast, were equally baffled.

"No, Courtney! I'm sorry!" Miller said on the microphone. "We're in the second round of the playoffs. Emotions are always gonna be high.'' ''That's awful. You can't celebrate someone for being a dog and then we call a technical on a staredown," Crawford added''

Thankfully for Edwards, and possibly the Timberwolves' playoff hopes, the NBA stepped in to correct the call. This decision resets Edwards's playoff technical foul tally back to zero, which is significant considering players face suspension after racking up seven technicals in the postseason. Considering Edwards accumulated 15 technical fouls during the regular season, this reset could be crucial as the Timberwolves look to extend their playoff run.

The Timberwolves and Nuggets are set to go head-to-head again on Monday in Game 2 at Ball Arena, with tensions likely still high and every call under more scrutiny than ever.

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The NBA cancelled Anthony Edwards technical foul after review

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