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Major News hits Mitchell Robinson ahead of Knicks' critical game 2

Published May 7, 2024 at 8:43 PM

Yo, Knicks fam, hold up! Mitchell Robinson's out for Game 2 against the Pacers. Man, it's that dang left ankle again, same one had him laid up back in December, missing a whole 50 games. Thought we were past this when he came back in March, but nah, here we go again, rollercoaster diving.

Remember when he sat out against the 76ers? Yup, it's that ankle acting up once more. After barely getting any burn in Game 1's tight 121-117 dub over the Pacers, just 12 minutes off the bench, scoring a measly two and grabbing two boards, they had to make the call. No-go for Game 2.

Tough break, especially with Randle and Bogdanovic already done for the season. So, what's the play for Game 2? It's Precious Achiuwa time.

Bench running thin, stakes high, and Pacers ain't no pushovers. As a fan, seeing the squad stretched thin got me on edge, but there's a certain thrill in the struggle. Every tick of the clock's gonna matter more than ever, and who knows, maybe this is Achiuwa's chance to shine.

Source New York Post: Mitchell Robinson ruled out for Game 2 in Knicks injury blow
Source ESPN: Knicks rule out Mitchell Robinson (ankle) for Game 2 vs. Pacers
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Major News hits Mitchell Robinson ahead of Knicks' critical game 2

How will the Knicks fare in Game 2 without Mitchell Robinson?

Victory! Achiuwa steps up!00 %
Tough loss, Pacers capitalize00 %
Close call, but Knicks pull through00 %
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