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Tom Thibodeau gives frank take on L2M report hurting 76ers

Published April 24, 2024 at 4:25 PM

Following a dramatic last-second rally by the New York Knicks in their 104-101 Game 2 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers, the NBA issued an L2M Report revealing that the Knicks committed a foul on Tyrese Maxey during a critical play that led to the game-winning three-pointer.

''I'm more concerned with the 46-minute report I knew they couldn't call a foul there I'm locked into Game 3. That's where we are.''

Tom Thibodeau, known for his intense coaching style, has once again been voted the coach NBA players would least like to play for, according to The Athletic's annual poll. This marks the third consecutive year Thibodeau has topped this category. Known for his demanding approach and heavy reliance on key players, often having starters log around 40 minutes per game, it's clear why some players might hesitate. Despite his rigorous methods, Thibodeau, a two-time NBA Coach of the Year, is undeniably passionate about basketball, consistently squeezing success from his lineups when they fit his vision.

Meanwhile, Thibodeau recently pointed out that NBA referees tend to permit more physical contact as games reach critical moments, especially in the playoffs. This was evident when the Knicks were not penalized for a clear foul on Tyrese Maxey in the final moments of their playoff game against the 76ers, a decision that was later highlighted in the NBA's L2M Report. Thibodeau's observation highlights the complex nature of officiating in high-stakes situations, underscoring the challenges refs face in making split-second decisions under pressure.

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Tom Thibodeau gives frank take on L2M report hurting 76ers

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