San Antonio Spurs Victor Wembanyama
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San Antonio Spurs Victor Wembanyama to be involved in front office

Published March 26, 2024 at 2:57 PM

Speculation surrounds San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama, suggesting he won't wait long for the team to succeed. He's aligned with the Spurs, indicating his involvement in offseason transaction discussions, much like Coach Gregg Popovich. They aim to have a say in the decisions made by GM Brian Wright. With numerous trade assets, the Spurs' moves this summer will be intriguing to watch.

"It's a lot of communication with the coaches and the front office, to know where we're comfortable with each other in the game and where we're not comfortable to know what kind of pieces we would need to add," Wembanyama said when asked if he'll have input into San Antonio's offseason moves. "It's a lot of discussion, because ... the GM, the front office, they know their job. They can do almost anything with what we got today, but it's a matter of how well they understand us -- the players and the coaches about where we want to go and how we want to develop."

Wembanyama emphasized that he, along with the Spurs' front office and coaches, are in sync regarding the path forward.

"Oh yeah. Yeah. And this is the good thing. I feel like there's no internal fights between us," Wembanyama said. "So, it is good, it's the right way for the future."

Minnesota's Rudy Gobert is still the frontrunner for the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year award, aiming for his fourth DPOY accolade and his first with the Timberwolves, who currently lead the league in overall defense, allowing 108.4 points per 100 possessions.

However, Victor Wembanyama is making waves, catching the attention of both media-panel voters and Las Vegas oddsmakers. He's often listed second in the field, which has thinned for various reasons.

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Analytics experts like Kirk Goldsberry have delved into the data, presenting a compelling case for the San Antonio standout. For instance, in the Spurs' last 15 games through Tuesday, their defensive rating with Wembanyama on the court is 107.3 – superior to Minnesota's leading position. When Wembanyama is off the court, the rating drops to 119.3, ranking 29th overall.

However, a season isn't defined by just 15 games. Over 69 games, the Spurs' defensive rating of 116.9 places them 23rd overall. Similar to MVP awards not typically going to players from teams at the bottom of the standings, DPOY honors are seldom given to players from teams with porous defenses overall.

Wembanyama remains a dark horse this spring, but he could emerge as the favorite next season and in the seasons to come.

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San Antonio Spurs Victor Wembanyama to be involved in front office

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