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Luka Doncic hilariously mimics Lu Dort's flopping

Published May 12, 2024 at 2:46 PM

During a nail-biter in the third quarter of the Mavericks-Thunder game, Luka Doncic was visibly irked by Lu Dort's penchant for theatrical flopping. As the Mavericks clung to a slim three-point lead, Doncic dashed past Dort and dished to PJ Washington for a crucial corner shot. That's when Dort hit the deck, acting as though Doncic had knocked him over. Despite Doncic's protests and animated gestures toward the refs, no foul was called.

The drama didn't start there. Dort had been overdoing it since early in the game, once even pretending to take a heavy charge from Doncic, trying to bait the refs into calling a foul.

These antics reached a peak when, in another episode, Dereck Lively II got entangled in Dort's theatrics. Dort exaggerated a fall after brushing past Lively, who was correctly positioned, leading to an offensive foul call against Dort that left both Doncic and the Mavericks' bench fuming.

This is not new for Dort, who's been previously criticized for similar behavior. Former Suns coach Frank Vogel had called him out for flopping before.

Doncic's frustration highlights a broader issue in basketball: while flopping might tactically benefit players in some situations, it tarnishes the sport's integrity, irritating players and fans alike. This ongoing drama puts the spotlight on the delicate balance between competitive edge and fair play as the Mavericks pull ahead 2-1 in the series. Moving forward, keeping a cool head will be crucial for both teams, with each moment being potentially pivotal in their playoff journey.

Source Fadeaway World: Luka Doncic Mimics Lu Dort Flopping As He Wants OKC Star To Be Punished
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Luka Doncic hilariously mimics Lu Dort's flopping

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