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Shocking Revelation: Unraveling the Most Prevalent NBA Injuries Since 2010

Published January 27, 2024 at 2:56 PM

Global NBA enthusiasts have observed a surge in injuries, sparking comparisons between the 90s era and the present. This trend significantly influences season matchups.

Over the years, some teams have adopted load management strategies to prevent issues in the playoffs. However, this has occasionally frustrated fans who expect to see their favorite players in action.

Below is a list of the most prevalent injuries in the NBA since 2010:

Many fans attribute the rise in injuries or player absences to COVID protocols. However, recent research offers a different perspective. The study concludes that while the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to more missed games, there was no increase in injury rates when considering health and safety protocols. Interestingly, bubble participation had no discernible impact on injury rates. Despite the stable injury rates, the nature of injuries shifted, with a higher proportion of severe injuries and a decrease in minor injuries.

A recent study on NBA injury trends highlights a surge in unique injuries not as common in the past, with the lower body, particularly ankle sprains, being the most affected. Additionally, there's a notable 21.8% increase in adductor, hip, and groin injuries.

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Shocking Revelation: Unraveling the Most Prevalent NBA Injuries Since 2010

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