Adrian Wojnarowski: Kyrie Irving wanted a sign-and-trade

Published June 28, 2022 at 9:01

Adrian Wojnarowski appeared on GET UP this morning to explain the details of what Irving was exploring, and why he chose to opt-in instead.

He outlined three scenarios and options for Kyrie Irving to pursue in order to persuade the Nets to make a move, but nothing made sense in the end, so he chose to opt-in and stay.

Here's what Wojnarowski quoted on saying:

[Kyrie Irving] ran out of leverage to get the long-term deal that he wanted either in a sign-and-trade scenario or with the Nets

The Nets chose not to give him a long term deal, so likely than not now, Kyrie Irving will play through his final year of his contract, and wait to become a free agent by next season, to decide his future.

Here's is the whole clip from @_Talkin_NBA

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