Draymond Green On His Relationship With Kevin Durant: "I Think There Was A Time Period Where My Number Might Have Been Blocked From His Phone"

Published September 3, 2021 at 8:56 PM

Speaking on Carmelo Anthony's What's In Your Glass? podcast, Draymond shed some light on what life was like after his altercation with KD.

"I think there was a time period of where he wasn't trying to say nothin' to me. I think there was a time period where my number might have been blocked from his phone. I think there was a time period where I could only talk to him through Instagram DM," Green revealed, via Dan Feldman of NBC Sports. "But I ain't never hit him on no like, "D***, you got a new number?" or "Yo, did you block me?" If I can only talk to you on Instagram DM, then that's where I'm going to talk to you at. Because ultimately, it's your decision on whatever terms we're going to be on."
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