Gregg Popovich hired a private detective to chase player

Published August 5, 2022 at 8:31

Gregg Popovich is considerer to be one of the greatest or even the greatest coach in NBA history.

To get to this stage, Gregg had to have an unique style of coaching and is well recognized for his severity towards his players in order to have their full potential at all time.

Two-time champ NBA champ Vernon Maxwell appeared on 'No Chill' podcast of Gilbert Arenas and talked about his experience with Gregg during his two season with the spurs from 1988 and 1990.

6 minutes in the video

"You know Popovich military guy, love you Pop, you know that but S— I'am no military [expletives], I couldn't the S— he wanted me to do" said Maxwell.

«I'm from Florida. I'm new in San Antonio and these [expletives] are trying me everywhere I go, so I'm knocking [expletives] out in the streets. So Pop tells me ‘no more clubs. The next time you go to a club, I gotta get you out of here.'

«That day, six hours later, I was at a damn bar, in a club,» revealed Maxwell. «He called me the next day, about six in the morning — ‘hey, I need you down here.' He said, ‘I told you.' They had a PI follow me. My dumb— didn't even know. He told me, get your s— packed. I'm trying to find a team that wants your a–. He called me back and said ‘you're going to Houston.' That's when I took off from there.»

Maxwell was sold the same day after Gregg Popovich caugh him in the club to the Houston Rockets for only $50, 000.

Maxwell joined the Rockets in 1990 and stayed with Houston until 1995, then played in Philadelphia, Orlando, Charlotte, Sacramento, Sacramento, Seattle and finished his career with Dallas in 2001.

We wonder now how many other players did Gregg hired a PI to follow but they never knew. We hope to get an interview with Pop one day that will tell us all the insides of his career.

Gregg is unique in his style and when you are under him, as a player or a staff, you should know that you have there to work hard and learn.
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Gregg Popovich hired a private detective to chase player

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