Jazz give their say on the decision to trade Donovan Mitchell

Published September 7, 2022 at 7:24 PM

Rumors have been spilling that the decision to trade Donovan Mitchell was based on emotion.

Well, that's what the Knicks believe at least happened..

The trade for Mitchell was brewing for weeks between the Knicks and Cavaliers, yet, Mitchell ended up being traded to the Cavs.

The concern, looked to come after the Utah Jazz had noticed the Knicks office in the arena of the first round playoffs between the Jazz and Mavs.

Zach Lowe came on the podcast to say this.

I've seen some reports, forgive me I can't remember who, said 'Well, the Jazz were upset Donovan Mitchell maybe wasn't all-in forever with Utah and as punishment we'll send him to a place he doesn't want to go do...

Emotions can play into this. I've been assured by the Utah side that 'No, look, we're mature people. Yes, we were upset with particularly the Mavs' game incident, but we're not going to make decisions based on those kind of things that now happened four months ago or whatever. We've made the best deal possible.

Donovan Mitchell was born in Elmsford, New York, and raised New York, so if there may have been any discontent by the Jazz office, then that could be the reason.

Source: @RealGM
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Jazz give their say on the decision to trade Donovan Mitchell

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