Lakers owner Jeanie Buss sends out cryptic tweet

Published July 4, 2022 at 1:45 PM

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss sent out a tweet yesterday talking about her love for Kobe Bryant, arguably the greatest laker of all time.

The internet is going crazy over what this tweet means and who it is directed to.

Personally, i think its a shot at any future lakers coming in. To tell them that no matter how good you are individually, the team aspect of the game comes first.

She mentions Kobe Bryant, because Kobe was one of a kind, he would always put the team success ahead of his individual success. It may not have been obvious at certain times over his career, nonetheless he still managed to win 5 rings with the Lake Show.

Could this tweet be directed towards Kyrie Irving? He's long time admirer of Kobe Bryant, they had a very special relationship ship before he unfortunately passed away in January 2020.

Or could this tweet be directed at Lebron James, when he went out on a limb to vouch for Russel Westbrook coming to LA.

Who knows, but one thing for certain, Jeanie has had enough stars coming to LA and not performing to their best capabilities.
July 4   |   46 answers
Lakers owner Jeanie Buss sends out cryptic tweet

Was this a shot at Kyrie?

Yes3576.1 %
No1123.9 %
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