Lakers' trade offer for Kyrie Irving revealed by a source

Published July 1, 2022 at 4:51 PM

More rumors speculating of Kyrie Irving on his way out.

According to a reporter, John Gambadoro, the Lakers have put up a major offer to acquire Kyrie Irving's services.

They are working on a trade package that could involve Russell Westbrook in the deal.

Here's what the details were:

[Gambadoro] Lakers are currently negotiating a trade for Kyrie Irving involving Russell Westbrook, a first-round pick and a pick swap with maybe another player involved, maybe Joe Harris.

Other sports outlets were quick to jump on the source too.

This is crazy!! Brian Windhorst speculated on an insane scenario in which James, Irving, and Durant on the same team, just a day ago.

Lakers nation are sure to feel a buzz of this. Irving and James have battled along side each other twice before, to reach the NBA finals.

You can bet this is what I'll be doing, if the deal is a breakthrough.

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Lakers' trade offer for Kyrie Irving revealed by a source

How dynamic is a Irving James duo going to be this time around?

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