LeBron James Throws Shade At Kyrie Irving With Anthony Davis Comparison

Published June 28, 2021 at 7:54

The Los Angeles Lakers had an early playoff exit this year. After winning the championship last year, the Lakers got eliminated by the Phoenix Suns in 6 games of West First Round.

LeBron James recently made an appearance on Road Trippin, and was asked about his former teammates, specifically Kyrie Irving.

«Anthony Davis is probably even more gifted than Kyrie Irving» James said.

James' has had a tumultuous relationship with his former Cavs teammate over the years. They throw shades at each other although most of it was not directly for each other.

James made a bold statement with this. Many NBA fans might not agree with his answer but the Lakers superstar elaborated it.

He explained how AD's height was an advantage over Irving. James heaped praises of Davis' shooting ability from all 3 facets of the game and even went on to talk about how his defense was uncanny.

Davis is a freak of nature. He can do it on both ends. He is a top 5 player for sure when he is healthy.

James and Irving played three seasons together for the Cleveland Cavaliers, had 3 appearances to the NBA finals, and even won a historic 2016 championship. The first in Cleveland's history. It will go down in the history books as one of the greatest as they overcome a 3-1 deficit to bring home the trophy.

Meanwhile, James and Davis also own the championship for the Lakers last year at NBA Bubble in Orlando. It's their first year playing together.
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