Lebron James has a new role with the Lakers

Published September 3, 2022 at 1:09 PM

The last years of Kobe Bryant with the Lakers, the team was not a championship team but was still able to fill up the stands with the help of the Black Mamba.

This season, NBA analists are asking if the Lakers we are not in the same scenario as couple of years back.

LA Lakers team governor Jeanie Buss admitted in an interview that signing LeBron James to an extension was their top priority in the offseason. However, if we look at the current roster the Lakers have and their poor performance last year, they are at best a playoff team, far from being a championship contender.

Doug Gottlieb, on the «The Herd» podcast, said that it was only to keep fans interested:

«It feels like the Lakers are doing this for relevanceHe plays for the Lakers, doesn't even feel like he is a Laker. At the end of this contract, he'd been a Laker for seven seasons. By then people are, ‘He's a Laker, sort of.' Won a title, he'll have played with the Lakers longer than Wilt Chamberlain played for the Lakers.»

«But it just feels like they're doing it to stay relevant, not to be great. And that goes counter to what the Lakers have always strived for and what LeBron has always represented!»


The Athletic's Jovan Buha explained why he thinks the Lakers would fall short of a title run in his latest mailbag.

«No, I don't believe the Lakers, as currently constructed, can win a championship,» Buha wrote. «I think they can certainly make the playoffs, but I expect them to be a bottom-tier playoff team if [Russell] Westbrook is on the roster and playing (somewhere in the No. 6 to No. 9-seed range). If we compare their supporting cast to other top West teams, they fall significantly short.»

The only hope for this team is that Anthony Davis stays healthy during the season ( good luck) and LeBron James plays like Lebron James during the full season at year 20. Both players missed a good amount of games last season with AD missing 62 games and the King missing 26 games.

Even if the 2 superstars stay healthy, the coach need to find a way to fit Mr. Triple double in the roster and help Westbrook make his layups and slow down on his turnovers.
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Lebron James has a new role with the Lakers

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