Magic Johnson finally reveals the real reason on why he left the Lakers front office job.

Published October 25, 2022 at 7:53

Magic Johnson is arguably the greatest point guard of all time. Leading the showtime Lakers to 5 NBA championships during his tenure with the team.

However his success on the court didn't resemble his success off the court as the Lakers team president. As he only lasted less then 2 years. After convincing Lebron James to join the Lakers in 2018, Magic Johnson decided to resign from the teams president role the following year during the end of year press conference.

After appearing on Shannon's Sharpe Club Shay Shay podcast, Magic explains that the Lakers wanting to keep Luke Walton was the final straw in his tenure as president.

Oh, I knew he wasn't. And so I said, ‘Hey, we've got to let him go. He's not the right guy; he is not a great coach for the Laker team.' And they wanted to keep him. So, I said, ‘okay.' I already knew that I didn't want to fracture the great relationship I had with Jeanie Buss, because that's my sister. So, and instead of me sitting there - and I can never be this dude that just sits and not says what's on my mind - I said, ‘let me just exit. It's going to be best for everybody.'

"I felt some dudes wanted to be in the seat that I had. So, hey, you let 'em have it. You go ahead, you can have it, I'm out. And Jeanie and I are still great friends, so it was the best move and I'm glad I did it.

3 years later, the Lakers have arguably the worst shooting squad in the league with a backcourt consisting of Pat Bev and Russel Westbrook. They are 0-3 to start the NBA season and are still relying on a 38 year old Lebron James to lead the way.
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Magic Johnson finally reveals the real reason on why he left the Lakers front office job.

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