Maria Taylor is Leaving ESPN After Scandal

Published July 21, 2021 at 4:22 PM

ESPN reporter Maria Taylor has experienced far too much drama lately, thanks to her co-worker Rachel Nichols. A few weeks ago, leaked audio of Nichols saying that Taylor was only given courtside NBA assignments because of her race was released and a firestorm began. Because of her comments, Nichols was replaced at this year's Finals by Malika Andrews and her future with the network is in doubt.

And now we know the future of Taylor at ESPN. There is none. The network announced today that the two parties couldn't come to an agreement on contract extensions and Taylor is now leaving the network, effective immediately.

While the contract negotiations with Maria Taylor were likely underway before the whole Rachel Nichols mess started, it probably didn't help ESPN's cause. Rumors say they were offering the reporter a $2 million raise but it obviously wasn't enough. Perhaps Taylor thought a relationship with the network couldn't be salvaged after all the controversy.

Where will Taylor head next? There have been reports that she is talking with NBC and might even appear in their Tokyo Olympics coverage. As for Nichols, her next steps are still very uncertain.
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