Mbappe signs multiyear deal with the NBA

Published June 25, 2022 at 10:27

Soccer super star the french Kylian Mbappé has linked a new deal with the NBA that will see him as a collaborating partner with the league's association.

His company, "Zebra Valley" a newly sports production company that revolves around a multicultural, global marketing campaign, will work with the NBA in to develop new creative content, and bring the global football and basketball cultural communities closer together.

Mbappe's statement reads as:

The strategic partnership between Zebra Valley and the NBA represents a significant step in bringing football and basketball fans together around premium content by telling stories that matter,» said Mbappé. «We look forward to working with the NBA team to encourage dialogue among global communities and make cultural conversations more relevant.
June 25   |   118 answers
Mbappe signs multiyear deal with the NBA

you think this new deal will bring a new cultural change to sports ?

Without a doubt...3227.1 %
Possibly2722.9 %
Maybe2924.6 %
wont change a thing !!3025.4 %
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