Michael Jordan Explains The Importance Of His Hands To His Game

Published August 29, 2021 at 11:11 PM

"Well, I have a wide thumb, away from my finger which gives me the grip for grabbing the ball and being able to move the ball. That's like having a paintbrush and being able to create. If you can move the ball and move your instrument, to the extent that it's pretty different in this game. Dr. J did this. If you've ever noticed Dr. J's hands, his thumb is so far away from his index finger, which gives him a better grip and a wider span so that he can pick up the ball off the dribble and do anything he wants with it I can sense a good shot and a bad shot. If it comes off these three fingers (thumb, index, and middle fingers) I feel very good about the shot. If it comes off these two, (ring and little finger), then my mechanics got screwed up."

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