NBA Latest Rumours: Insider reveals the real reason why Lakers finally let go of Thalen Horton Tucker

Published August 29, 2022 at 7:47

2 years ago, Thalen Horton Tucker was recognized as one of the untouchable prospects the Lakers had. The Raptors wanted Horton Tucker for Kyle Lowry, but the Lakers didn't accept the trade as they didnt want to include the young star.

2 years later, the Lakers ended up trading Horton Tucker, for Patrick Beverley. Worth it? Probably not, but the Lakers were very desperate and had to make a move to spark up the roster.

Marc Stein reveals to us why exactly Lakers GM Rob Pelinka decided to pull the trigger at this moment.

League sources say that the Lakers were clearly resistant to the idea of swapping Talen Horton-Tucker for Beverley when the teams began discussing a potential swap in July, owing to the Lakers' desire to be younger, faster and more athletic this season. Six weeks later at least two things changed: 1) It became apparent that a trade for Kyrie Irving would not be available in the near term after Kevin Durant rescinded his trade demand in Brooklyn; 2) LeBron signed a max contract extension with the Lakers on Aug. 18 that firmly steered the franchise into an urgent win-now mode. Swapping Horton-Tucker for the 34-year-old point guard certainly qualifies as a win-now move for the Lakers, but Beverley has to stay on the floor and deliver to validate the decision to abandon Horton-Tucker when they did. Beverley has appeared in only 95 games over the past two seasons, while Horton-Tucker had previously been held out Kyle Lowry trade talks with Toronto at the 2021 trade deadline and was subsequently re-signed by the Lakers during the 2021 offseason at the expense of Alex Caruso.

Lebron and the Lakers made it clear to everyone that Kyrie Irving is their number 1 priority for this off season. After failing to acquire him, Pelinka had to pull something off as the pressure was mounting on the GM.

Pat Bev is not Kyle Lowry, however he can bring the dog mentality Kyle has, which will be a key versus rival teams like Clippers and Warriors. Bev is the type of guy who ignites a fire for his teammates and helps to bring out the best in everyone.

At the end of the day, the Lakers are in win now mode and GM Pelinka thought that Pat Bev will play a more important role then Horton Tucker.

Time will tell
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NBA Latest Rumours: Insider reveals the real reason why Lakers finally let go of Thalen Horton Tucker

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