NBA Lottery Prospect Brandon Boston Jr. On Bronny James: "By The Time He's A Senior He Might Be The Best Player In The World"

Published July 4, 2021 at 9:02 PM

LeBron James' first child, Bronny, carries a lot of pressure on his shoulders every time he steps on the court. Being a son of a four-time NBA champion and four-time NBA MVP isn't an easy thing.

Bronny is now 16 years old and will turn 17 this October, he is eligible for 2023 NBA Draft by which he's 18 years old and his dad will be 38 by then. There's a big chance that two will share the same NBA court if Bronny makes it to the big level.

Bronny now stands at 6'4 and plays both guard positions. After finishing his freshman year at Sierra Canyon High School, Bronny was ranked as the 24th best player in ESPN's top 25 for the 2023 high school hoop class.

Everyone expects Bronny to be as good or even better than his father. They want someone who will continue his father's legacy. LeBron James' son is always making the headlines, he's followed by cameras and everybody is trying to get a piece of him whenever he plays.

NBA lottery prospect Brandon Boston Jr, his former teammate at Sierra Canyon made a bold claim about the Lakers superstar's son.

"By the time he's a senior, he might be the best player in the world," Boston is quoted as saying by Hoops Chemistry.

Do you think Bronny will surpass his father's legacy and ability in playing basketball? Or is this too much? Making comments like this will just put too much pressure on the 16-year-old kid. What are your thoughts?
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