Pistons Legend On Refusing To Shake The Hand With Michael Jordan And The Bulls: 'F*** Them'

Published July 2, 2021 at 2:18 PM

The Detroit Pistons and Chicago Bulls matchup in 80's and 90's were fun to watch. The physicality and the intensity level of the game were different.

Former Detroit Pistons' Rick Mahorn recently appeared in an episode of Jesse Pantousco of Audacy. He clearly stated that he didn't see anything bad in not shaking hands with the Bulls player since he didn't do that even after losing a championship.

«F them,» said Mahorn on the Dan Le Batard Show, via Jesse Pantousco of audacy. «I don't even shake hands when I lose a championship. Man, forget that.»

That was a "tradition" for Mahorn, and he always kept it. Not even the Jordan-led Bulls could change that. If you want to talk about a "Bad Boy," here you have one, Mahorn added.

The Bad Boy Pistons still couldn't stand the Michael Jordan-led team. Over the years, Isiah Thomas has been a critique of Jordan and he doesn't even consider the latter as the best ever to do it on NBA.
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