Real Reason Why LeBron Gets Heated With PA Announcer During Bronny's Game Revealed

Published July 6, 2021 at 11:10

Bronny James played a basketball game where his father rose to fame. The St.Vincent - St.Mary High School in his hometown, Akron, Ohio. The basketball gym was named after him, ‘The LeBron James Arena'

At one point during the game, the public address announcer apparently said that Bronny James, his son, was bound to get some favorable foul calls because his dad was in the gym.

LeBron took exception to this remark and went full dad mode, confronting the PA Announcer in the tables.

LeBron didn't like what the announcer had said. It's like a shot on him and Bronny's game. It's like Bronny won't get calls if he wasn't there watching and supporting his son's game.

His son is out there playing a game, and there's no need to bring the NBA superstar up in this manner.
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