Reporter says Kevin Durant might retire!

Published August 15, 2022 at 7:56 PM

The Nets duo are keeping the NBA fans on alert since the season ended.

Everyone is still waiting to see where the two super stars will end up playing next season.

This morning, a news shocked the NBA world when NBA reporter Marc Stein wrote the following on Twitter.

An NBA executive believes Kevin Durant is more likely to retire than play for the Nets again, per @TheSteinLine

There's a ‘growing expectation' that KD could cause ‘a ruckus' to get the Nets to make a trade

However, KD, big fan of social media replied on his twitter to calm everyone.

I know most people will believe unnamed sources over me but if it's anyone out there that'll listen, I don't plan on retiring anytime soon. Shit is comical at this point.

So now the question remains, where will KD and Uncle Drew end up playing next season?
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Reporter says Kevin Durant might retire!

Where will KD end up

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Boston2927.9 %
76ers2423.1 %
Other2221.2 %
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