Shams Gives Long-Overdue Injury Report on Kawhi Leonard

Published July 13, 2021 at 10:26 PM

Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard was reported to have sustained a knee injury that was feared within the organization to be a significant ACL injury.

The Clippers were able to outlast the Utah Jazz in the second round following the injury, leading them to a conference finals matchup with the Phoenix Suns where they were routed in 6 games. Leonard's status was kept unknown during the Clippers-Suns series, and vague updates lead fans to believe that there was a chance that Leonard would not only return to the playoffs but may even return during the conference finals. After today's report, it seems that a playoff return for Kawhi may have never been in the cards.

Yahoo Sports' Shams Charania reported today that Leonard underwent surgery on a partially torn ACL. While the severity of the tear is unknown, Nets' guard Spencer Dinwiddie was sidelined for almost the entirety of this season with a partial ACL tear of his own.
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