Stephan A. Smith DISGUSTED with the Knicks pick

Published June 24, 2022 at 9:54

The Knicks can't seem to give Stephan A. Smith a break, the organization continues to fail in onloading talent in its rotation, and the draft has not helped favor its fanbase for good reason.

Just recently on the Draft panel with his collogues, Stephan A. Smith, started going off on the Knicks again. The Knicks traded their No. 13th pick Jalen Duren for multiple future draft picks, those picks were than packaged for a future deal. That however did not rub off well with Stephan A. Smith, he apparently wanted the Knicks to keep Duran.

Spike Lee, another die hard Knicks fan, than had to come in and consolidate the big man before he would have had a heart attack, metaphorically.

June 24   |   128 answers
Stephan A. Smith DISGUSTED with the Knicks pick

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