Stephen A. Smith Received a Text From Michael Jordan revealing who's better: Curry or Magic?

Published August 23, 2023 at 3:16 PM

The Most popular debates amongst sports fans today are comparing the greatest athletes of todays generation against the greatest of previous generations. The Newest Player debate relates to NBA champion point guards Magic Johnson and Stephen Curry with the latter even weighing in on the matter personally.

When appearing on Gilbert Arenas' podcast (Gil's Arena) Curry was asked if he was the best point guard ever to which he answered
Yes. It's me and Magic [Johnson] is that the conversation? ... Obviously, I have to answer that way."

After Curry's comments the debate between himself and Magic hit the front of all media platforms and even took up a segment on ESPN's Sports Talk show First Take. With the two presenters Stephen A Smith and Chris "Mad Dog" Russo taking up opposite sides. It was then at This point where Stephen A revealed some text messages Michael Jordan had sent him personally and that he had asked to be read live on air.

Jordan is a 6x NBA Champion and actually won his first ring against Magic in the NBA Finals, so his opinion is highly validated and what he sent to Stephen A was this;
"Magic Johnson is easily the best point guard of all time. Steph Curry is very close, but not in front of magic"

Jordan then gives multiple points as to why he believes Magic is greater including the 1 extra ring Magic won compared to Curry as well as Magics Style of Playing the traditional point guard role as compared to Curry's almost like a shooting guard style with more focus on offence rather than facilitation. You can see the full messages read aloud by Stephen A Below;

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Stephen A. Smith Received a Text From Michael Jordan revealing who's better: Curry or Magic?

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