Stephen A. Smith vs Kyrie Irving: Both men have a heated exchange of words

Published June 28, 2022 at 7:08 PM

Stephan A. Smith expressed his thoughts on Instagram after learning that Kyrie Irving had decided to opt-in of his final year of his contract with the Brooklyn Nets.

He posted the video on twitter too.

In the video he called Kyrie Irving a "Peon" on multiple occasions, as though Irving normally plays royalty in his own world; but this time has no chose in the matter.

To put it into perspective, he has to earn his new contract next season by putting in the work this season, because nobody really wanted him, Karma as Smith called it.

Here's the 2 minute clip from Stephan A. Smith's post:

After this video began to circulate on the internet, Irving didn't waste no time to snap back, with a tweet to Smith:

you're gonna have to explain yourself to people in your generation. I am not around many 50 plus year olds that speak and act like you do, so this is new for me. But I am sure my father and my uncles can meet you on your level better than I can. We know you STEPHEN

Shortly after, Smith responded on Instagram with stronger, but more pointed reality check words. Including a 1 on 1 debate.

We don't know if Irving will accept the public debate, but it will be fascinating to see who's point of view is more reasonable between the old and new generational figures.
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Stephen A. Smith vs Kyrie Irving: Both men have a heated exchange of words

Is Stephen A. Smith accurate in his assessment regarding Kyrie Irving putting in the work ?

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