Stephon Marbury On What Makes Kevin Durant So Special: "We've Never Seen A Guy At 6'10» Handle The Ball The Way He Handles The Basketball."

Published September 5, 2021 at 9:59 PM

In an appearance on the "Ball Don't Stop" podcast, Nets and Knicks legend Stephon Marbury pointed out how KD's handles, in particular, help make him so special offensively:

«I remember watching Kevin Durant, his first his first game in college when he was with Texas. I called my brother and I was like, yo, is this kid named Kevin Durant? So he's a freshman. I said he would not be there. He won't be there long. He's crazy. I was like, ‘yo this is sick.' So from then on, it's basically been, it's been the same movement. It's just been, you know, better.

We've never seen a guy at 6'10» handle the ball the way how he handles the basketball. I mean, it's literally point guard skills and everything that he does from his cross from his, you know, his hezi everything you know, but the thing the thing that separates is he can shoot.»
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