Suns Coach Monty Williams haven't talked to his players since game 7

Published September 28, 2022 at 8:43

Suns coach Monty Williams was hired in 2019 and since has been doing a good job with this team.
He was names NBA Coach of the Year in 2022, when the Suns finished the regular season with a franchise record 64 wins.

Williams had some issues with his players, specially the young Deandre Ayton. He made him play only 17min in a cruci playoff game and did not really give any reason.

It's internal

He said.

Now we know that Coach Monty did not talk with Ayton since the team lost in second round game 7 against Dallas.

Williams denied that he holds grudge against Ayton.

You know, I've heard all that stuff second and third-hand, all the narratives. The bottom line is I have to coach. All of our players will tell you that I coach everybody. When I have to make a move like that, it's me calling them up,» Williams explained on SiriusXM NBA Radio. «It's never personal, and I think DA said it best when he did an interview. Our relationship is calm. I've invested a lot of time into the player and the person. When I do something like that, it's because I want what's best for you. But I also have to try my best to hold everybody accountable at the same time. There are times when I wish could have handled things a little bit differently. I will take it myself.

This week, Coach was asked again about the situation between him and his player.
He responded that he haven't talk to a lot of guys since their last game.

I haven't talked to a lot of guys. Like I said earlier in the summer, they needed a break,

From me, the gym. Unless you were in the gym like every day... I've had interactions with everybody, talking to guys about deep stuff. I think when you've been around a group as much as we have the last three years -- first year the bubble, and then condensed seasons -- I felt like guys needed a break. Even when guys are in the gym, I wouldn't come downstairs just cause I wanted them to get a break from me. I think so much has been made of Game 7, Williams continued. We put it to bed last night as a team. You can ask everybody in the gym, I put it to bed last night

I think if you ask a bunch of our guys they'd be like 'yeah coach has been quiet this summer. I just wanted to get everybody a break. Your voice can become too much and I just didn't want that to happen.
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Suns Coach Monty Williams haven't talked to his players since game 7

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