The 76ers Want More for Ben Simmons

Published July 23, 2021 at 3:51 PM

It's no secret that the Philadelphia 76ers are looking to ship out Ben Simmons after his lackluster postseason performance. However, they're not getting the sort of offers they were hoping for, according to the latest report.

Philly Voice says that the 76ers are "not coming to the table at all if the offer doesn't reflect his status as an ultra-productive, multiple-time All-Star, and the team believes internally they can fix at least some of his on-court issues in the event that he remains a core piece."

The report also states that Philadelphia still has a "high sticker price" on Simmons and won't rush to any deal unless the "right opportunity" presents itself.

Philly Voice:

Internally, team sources view a lot of the reported offers floated around the league as transparent attempts to lower Simmons' trade value below where it actually is. The Sixers are uninterested in packages returning multiple role players and picks in exchange for Simmons, according to a source familiar with the situation. As one specific example, a source told PhillyVoice the Sixers would not even entertain a discussion with the Sacramento Kings save for the inclusion of guard De'Aaron Fox in a potential deal, which they view simply as a starting point for talks.

Obviously, the offseason is still young and there's plenty of time for Philly to find a trade package for Simmons that they are happy with. But there is a chance that the market just really isn't feeling the star player and the 76ers will have to settle for something far less than what they want. Life is full of disappointments; the Philadelphia 76ers should be well aware of that after several seasons with Ben Simmons.
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