The Lakers are "Worried" About LeBron and AD

Published July 28, 2021 at 2:56 PM

The Lakers weren't happy with the way the last NBA season ended. They were the defending champions and were wiped out in the first round of the playoffs. It was a sad fall from grace that was mostly due to both LeBron James and Anthony Davis being sidelined because of injuries that put them on the bench.

Those mishaps are leading some in the Lakers organization to worry that perhaps their time with both of these all-stars is shorter than they originally imagined. Here's Sam Amick of The Athletic:

«The injuries to James and Davis last season were an unwelcome reminder of that much, leading some Lakers officials to worry that this window might be even shorter than they'd originally hoped. As such, they're in the process of turning over all the proverbial stones in search of the right piece(s) to return to the NBA's mountaintop. Their time is now, in other words — again.»

This sense of urgency is leading the Lakers to work hard in the offseason to find some missing pieces. They want to build up the team so that James and Davis can lighten their loads a little and have a real shot at another championship. What is this missing piece the Lakers need? Bradley Beal? Kyle Lowry? Damian Lillard? Russell Westbrook? More importantly, will they be able to get it?

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