The Rockets are Debating Their Number Two Pick

Published July 18, 2021 at 3:10 PM

Having the second pick in the NBA draft is a big responsibility, and the Houston Rockets are taking it seriously

According to The Athletic, the Rockets are debating between Jalen Green of the NBA G League and Jalen Sugg of Gonzaga for their selection. Green has impressed with this time in the G League while Suggs was part of the dynamite Gongaza team that almost won the NCAA championship.

Ideally, the Rockets would be walking away with Cade Cunningham of Oklahoma State but it is increasingly likely that he will be dealt to the Detroit Pistons as the number one draft pick.

It seems that Green has the slight edge over Suggs but both are looking very attractive to the Rockets, who have a long way to go to restore themselves to their former glory. Just a few seasons ago, they were thisclose to making the Finals and now they are the worst team in the Western Conference. They only won 17 games last season and are hoping for some substantial changes so they can turn their fortunes around.

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