Udonis Haslem hits back at KG and Paul Pierce after saying Miami's window is closed.

Published October 31, 2022 at 8:04

One of the biggest rivalries in NBA history is from 2007 until 2013 between Lebron James and the Boston Celtics.

We all remember the moment Lebron walking out of TD Garden after losing the series in 6 and taking off the Cavs jersey for the last time.

Lebron was facing alot of pressure and couldnt take on the Boston Celtics alone while with the Cavs, so he took his talent to South Beach to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.


KG was joined by Paul Pierce on their podcast Ticket and the Truth, and both took a shot at their rival Heat, by saying their window is closed.That they already had their chance to win a chip back in the bubble.

Like you said, Jimmy Butler, like you say that to say, ‘So what? I'm supposed to wait 82 games to see if Jimmy Butler gonna give me something like some 36s, some 40s, some 45s?' He doesn't even look like he has that type of energy to do some s— like that.

Udonis Haslem, the Heats ironman and anchor responds back to the 2 former HOFers bashing them and reminding them what exactly happened back in 2010 and 2011 when the Heat eliminated the Celtics in 2 straight seasons.

No matter what you say, it wont change that a** whooping y'all took back in the day!!! I know alot about windows closing cause we slammed y'all


Cant argue with Haslem here, the Miami Heat had the Celtics number back with Lebron and arguable forced that team
to break up after acquiring Ray Allen from them.

KG and Paul Pierce went on to get traded to the Brooklyn Nets in June 2013 in an attempt to build a super team to take on Lebron and the Heat. However that didn't work out as planned, as the Nets didn't live up to expectations.

After bashing Lebron for the fact he joined a superteam and yet for both of them to do the same and not win a single championship. Shows that its not that easy to create coherence and chemistry with other superstars. What Miami did was special, going to 4 straight NBA finals and winning 2 of them.
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Udonis Haslem hits back at KG and Paul Pierce after saying Miami's window is closed.

Is Miamis window closed?

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